DCF 2000 Filet Upgrade

Carried Out by: RLBCO
Client: StoraEnso Niagara
Date: 2/25/03

The coating process in high gloss paper requires fine filtration to 15 micron and uninterrupted flows. The Ronnigen – Petter DCF200 is the filter of choice for high flow rates and fine filtration. The filter is self cleaning by a disc that moves vertically inside the filter basket by a shaft that rotates by a fractional motor.

The coating chemistry was changed and was causing wear on the shafts and also increased the bulk loading on the filters. Once the tolerance on the drive shaft was out of specification the disc would not be held in a vertical plane and would jam in the basket, damaging the baskets, disc, and drive nut.

R.L. Balconi, Co. worked with the operating engineers to find an economical solution. The DCF 2000 has a high speed shaft to increase the cycle time and keep the filter basket clean. The shaft was sent out for cryogenic treatment to extend the wear. A spring loaded disc was also introduced to reduce the binding and prevent damage.

All the filters were upgraded to the new configuration and have the added benefits:

  • Better coating by increased element self cleaning
  • Lower parts cost than OEM
  • Predictable Maintenance
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