Effluent Lift Station

Carried Out by: Georgia Iron Works
Client: High Gloss Paper Industry
Date: 6/25/08

A high gloss paper manufacture in Upper Michigan was looking for a wear material for the shaft sleeves on the vertical turbine effluent lift pumps. The lift pumps handle all the waste water from the paper operation and pump to a clarifier at the top of hill some 162′ TDH.

The pump house has 7 vertical turbine pumps, Goulds Model VIT-FF size 24GHC each with a direct drive 600HP motor. Over the past several years the operation of these pumps had deteriorated significantly. Major rebuilds required every three-to-five months due to excessive abrasion, mechanical failure and loss of performance were a major problem. Engineering companies looked at the problem and found no economical answers. We couldn’t find a solution for the shaft sleeves so we looked for the problem.

The material being pumped needed a heavy duty slurry pump that is designed for such services. After collecting all the data GIW was able to recommend a 12 X 14 – 28 LCC high chrome slurry pump that would do the job and reduce the power consumption by 300HP per pump. The combined savings of horse power and parts was over one million dollars per year.

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